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Commentaire Arabe Fifa 14 Pc Crack


Commentaire Arabe Fifa 14 Pc Crack – Latest PC/Mac. Fifa 14,EA Sports,,crack, Download,.

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Category:Association football terminology
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How do I make ‘zip’ keep only the first three elements of the values of an array?

So I am pulling out a list of IDs and a list of descriptions of books.
When I put them together into an array, the descriptions are the same length as the list of IDs, but I only want to keep the first 3 values of each description.
zip(list_of_IDs, list_of_descriptions)

list_of_IDs = [1,2,3]
list_of_descriptions = [“Green book”,”Red book”, “Blue book”]

[(1, ‘Green book’),(2, ‘Red book’), (3, ‘Blue book’)]

Desired output:
[(1, ‘Green book’), (2, ‘Red book’), (3, ‘Blue book’)]

If there are more than 3 elements, I only want to keep the first 3 elements of each description (hence, only keeping the first 3 values of each description).


You could use itertools.islice to slice the descriptions.
>>> list_of_IDs = [1,2,3]
>>> list_of_descriptions = [“Green book”,”Red book”, “Blue book”]
>>> from itertools import islice
>>> list(islice(list_of_descriptions, 3))
[‘Green book’, ‘Red book’, ‘Blue book’]

Note that list_


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